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Data di rilascio : 22/05/2012

Durata : 0:04:14

Stile : Singer/Songwriter

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All the light
It seems to please you
Trailing mindless
Rows of commoners on their knees
To praise your weakness
And your mind without a hold
Only feelings of a while passed
And falling in arms to keep you alive
All the lions on your leash
All their stains on your night dress
In your endless summer on the beach
You're a foal in a fortress
But there are maps to the roads
Plenty are your ways to get home
If the fog don't keep you out

And you, you always keep around
You always keep around

Christ how you keep me down

The years have piled on
What feeling there was left
With all your running away
My faith has lost it's health
But in your time you'll know
Who fell away
The account recalled the other way
The fall of night
You left me there to stray

And still the loom
Of morning light leaves me blind
This falling out's reached it's time
Maybe i won't need you around
Maybe i don't need you now
To hold or to keep you fed

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