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It's three o' clock on monday
There's one more hour of school
There's nothin' in my lunchbox
The teacher's lost his cool
I'm staring out the window
I can't wait to be free
Free of all this bullshit
To act out all my dreams

Well meet me at the car pound
With some cans of spray paint
I can bring some cigarettes
'cause momma's gone away
And daddy's playing poker
He don't care anyways
He's been out since friday
Squanderin' all his pay

Tonight i plan to make it
To be free at last
Free of all this bullshit

To hike up my mast
I'll write you when i get there
I'll send you my address
'cause i have got to get this
Lorry off my chest

Meet me...
And you can bring your girl along.
Well if she's got a lovely friend
And we'll show them what us town boys
Do with some time to spend
And bring some coca cola
I found a bit of whiskey
'cause it could be a long time
'till i'm back here with yee

Meet me...
And daddy's just a joker
He don't care anyway
He's been out all weekend
Squanderin' all his pay

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