Il testo della A stitch in time

Jethro Tull

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Data di rilascio : 01/01/2001

Durata : 0:03:4

Stile : Rock

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I work in dark factories --- a cog in the big wheel
Driving grey satanic mills and weaving sad stories.
And faceless masters --- oh, they pay me plenty ---
Crumbs from their luncheon packs, harsh wine from
Bottles halk empty.

A stitch in time saves nine.
Said cock robin from the wall.
It's an early bird catches the worm.
Show a little pride before you fall.
So i flew to the south sun with birds of a feather

To drink in the warm nights and tell of fine weather.
A stitch in time saves nine.

Listen all you young folk --- your lives on a timetable
clocking on twenty-one --- fly while you're able.
A stitch in time saves nine.

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